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Market Perspective 2016


2016 proved to be challenging for most investors. After a flat market in 2015 equities failed to gain footing with lingering issues globally. The Dow pulled back the the 15,600 area which was a retracement of the August 2015 correction.

Sectors being affected included oil, commodities, petro stocks. The rising interest rates, growth in China, seemed to have caused a chain reaction across many sectors. Rising rates are boosting the dollar across all the major currencies. Gold and silver has been bearish for quite some time and there is intermittent buying.

As of Friday February 6th market close, the tech sector joined in the sell-off. Apple’s reputation to grow as expected, causing it’s stock price to fall through out 2015 in the new year. LinkedIn’s social network for business also suffered a selloff. Howver Facebook the monster social site seems to so promising strength as it’s price action went green during periods of volatility.

Most long term investors have some level of concern, but no real panic selling has ensued. Analysts are aware of most of the issues and do not foresee 2008 repeating itself.


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