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Best Stock To Buy in 2013


ARM Holdings (ARMH) Microchip maker for the iphone and other mobile devices. Need I say more? Anything associated with the name Apple seems to be making money these days. We are going through a revolution in the stock market as it centers it’s attention to mobile computing. This company holds many of the design patterns on the technology that is driving this outrageous bull market. This is perhaps the number 1 stock pick for 2013. This stock has been hot for the last couple years and is beating earnings estimates quarter after quarter. The outlook on growth seems to be endless at this point in time. With Apple expanding it’s product line horizontally, you bet this stock will go higher.

Hertz Global (HTZ) A car rental agency we all know. Excellent brand recognition, and reliable history of stable earnings. In the past few years they have been experiencing exponential growth in their financials. They are growing internationally, as the global marketplace is a major untapped source for expansion. As other countries become consumer societies, like China and India, goods like rental cars are an essential element needed for a growing society. This stock is just one of the best investments, because it also fits the criteria of a value stock. While we mostly deal in high growth high volatility stocks, this one is also great for the long haul investor.

LinkedIn (LNKD) Now trading at the $150 level. This stock is very surprising. A social network for business professional contacts. This company is somewhat of an underdog. The market didn’t have much faith in this company when it first went public. Now that it has a track record it seems that the company is doing quite well. Over the last few months this stock has called much attention to itself. It has been successful in making a buck or two, and wall street is impressed. This tech based stock is highly speculative in nature and should be handled with caution. While the situation looks rosy for linkedin, there are no barriers to entry to compete in this market place. In other words, some kid could build a social network in his dorm and linkedIn would be a thing of the past. Social networks are hot today, gone today. If you like the taste of quick cash, LinkedIn is a stock to play.

Mastercard (MA) You guessed it, credit cards. This is a no brainer. As money supply gets tighter and tighter for the common household, credit will be used. Credit has always been a hot commodity, and America can’t get enough of it. This stock is already trading in th $500 range. Some might shy away from an expensive stock like this. There is a reason for this. It’s pure quality. This hot stock is expected to grow for the next 10 years. Earnings are solid, growth is found in doing business overseas as well as here in the USA. The branding of Mastercard is a name that will carry it through all market environments as a trusted brand. This company is solid and will be here for the long therm.


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